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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Tide Is Coming!

Journal Entry 5/22/08
.. some of it at least, wanted to put a pic to it
(Influenced by CD of the week: Misty Edwards)

Don't want to build castles in the sand
When I've seen the work of others get swept up in the tide
Why make carvings in the sand
When obviously I see them disappear with each demanding wave
Why spend a lifetime on something the tide will wash away?
Why live for something that death will take away

Wake up O Sleepers
Open your eyes and look around!
See the traces of men gone... now nothing but withering sand mounts

Wade Out!
Go into the deep!
See how it comes for you anyway
Picks up men willingly or unwillingly
YES, the truth comes in to stir all things, & see what remains...

Wade Out!
Let's go into the Deep, the Truth
And search out it's depths
To find the treasures..
Buried.. waiting to be discovered
Sunken... waiting to be sought out..

Why live on the edge, in fragile sand
Excited that you are leaving a "mark" ...temporary footprint
I assure you, many have walked this very path you're on
Leaving 'deep' footprints, but alas, they disappeared along with their souls

The tide is coming
Yes, we've seen the waves, just HINTS of the tide's existence
But NO, I didn't say waves...
I said THE TIDE is coming

Coming to stir anything that can be stirred
Coming to erase anything foolishly stored in the sand of time's hourglass
Coming to sweep away anything not anchored on the Rock
Coming to destroy anything built with man's hands

The tide is coming
Bringing with it a monsoon
To end all foolish empires and "wisdom of man"
Yes, He will confound all intelligence
And nothing else will matter.. EXCEPT what is left standing
Only what was built on rock will remain

Why carve a masterpiece that the tide will only wash away?
Why spend a life for something that death can take away?

The Tide is Coming...