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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mixtape Release!!!!: CROSS+EYED

(lol, just kidding... Just posting one of my raps for my girl Gayon who hasn't heard me perform it yet.. but keeps hearing ppl talk about it..... sowwy :-)

"You got me cross-eyed
Living with my eyes WIDE open

No more 'American Dream'
& tryna live life by the way things 'seem'
From the way things seem
I'm straight up being deceived
The god of this age tryna puppeteer me

Time to wake up!
Got my radars going up!
Got the scales coming down...

We wrestle not against flesh and blood
But with forces in high places up above

Got my armor on
Strapped up, girded loins
Ready to take on the fight
Gasping hard towards the prize

And it's best you get outta my way
Cuz I'm kinda far-sighted so my eyes don't stray
Yeah they may look strange
Yeah they may look glazed
I got a tunnel-vision focused on that glorious Day

I'm throwing off every weight
that tries to hinder my gaze
Dying to this world cuz the cross is my gain
The cross is my truth & the cross is my way
The cross is my boast & the cross is my shame
The cross is my burden & the cross is my blaze!

YO! You got me cross-eyed!
(Heb 12:2)